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About Us

Lazer-It Printing & Engraving is a small, family owned business based in beautiful Panama City, Florida. All of our products are engraved and printed locally, at our shop.  

It is our goal to create high quality products by striving in having high quality controls, before the products are shipped, In other words, if we wouldn't buy it for ourselves, we will not ship it to you.

At Lazer-It, we do not cut corners, starting with our high end equipment, all manufactured in the United States, Austria, and the United Kingdom. Our family has strong ties to the engraving industry, as distributors in the Central America region for Trotec (the leader in the laser engraving industry), and another family member as an executive for the same company in Austria and Spain.

In October, 2019, a year after getting hit by Hurricane Michael, we decided to launch a company that would serve various industries. In February, 2020, after intense training, we were able to launch our business at a local level, by serving our local community and other small businesses. Now, we have decided to expand our reach to other regions. 

Quality products and extraordinary quality service will always drive our service. We will do our best to ship our products as fast as possible, while making sure your products arrive safely. We are not Amazon, therefore, we do not promise we will ship your product the same day. Each product ordered is individually created, as far as the graphics/art, as well as the engraving or printing. Our guarantee to you is to deliver a great product, which you will be proud to use or display at your home or place of business. 

This small team, dad, mom, and son, are proud to be a part of this community, and to provide the best quality products, with the best customer service. Please feel free to contact us, if needed. 

The Redaelli Family

Lazer-It Printing & Engraving